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Self-portrait of the Photographer at eNVee Creative.

James is a photographer whose interests lie in the commercial world and human portraiture with a penchant for imagery that surprises the viewer. 


As a fine artist he has exhibited both locally (Western Australia) and internationally and has travelled extensivly. Having originally worked as an air reconnaissance technician, subsequent work has included photo lab QC technician,  logistics, stage management, lighting and audio design and as a percussion technician.  He has been published in a variety of print media including books, magazines and online. 

He is currently a community radio presenter as well as being busy behind the camera, has met and photographed Oscar the Grouch, Elmo and the Grouchketeers on the Sesame street set as well as Sir Edmund Hillary, Matt Groening (of the Simpsons), Jane Goodall and raft of eminent Conductors, Composers and Musicians, Politicians, an Archbishop and Courtesans.


He has worked at Carnegie Hall.


Amongst other qualifications, he has a BA and an Advanced Diploma, both in photography.


Forthcoming portraiture and photographic work includes a few fine arts projects currently underway, wedding photography and private commissions, food photography is a recent development.


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