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Bringing value to your dream.

Thanks for visiting the eNVee Creative website and making it through to the pricing pages, the reality of bringing eNVee Creatives experience, qualification and ability to your project is your commitment to the investment. A lot of thought has gone into the pricing of eNVee Creative's services, What you'll be charged is a reasonable amount of money and is justified by what you'll receive:


Highly qualified photographer, highly experienced, wide ranging experience, extensive equipment.

In order to steer you through this in a way that is transparent and clear is the first question ...


"Are you a commercial or a domestic client"?

If you are interested in some family portraiture, boudoir, a wedding, photography of a high school prom or even some creative work for your wall then the answer is probably DOMESTIC.


If you have a COMMERCIAL project that you'd like me to consider such as website media, food photography for your restaurant, the fantastic new widget your company has created, portraiture of the CEO or executives, architecture or a fashion or advertising shoot, the pricing is tailored to fit your requirements.

Whatever you need, the work will have the same great quality, you'll be looked after in a safe and consensual way and your project will be as important to me as any other project. If there's any other questions, you can email me or use the chat function to get in touch.

Please go to the following pages as you think most appropriate. DOMESTIC or COMMERCIAL

eNVee Creative accepts payments by instalments and will (shortly) offer "Afterpay" payment options as well as bank transfer and other payment choices.

Many images on this site can be licensed for commercial use. Please get in contact with any enquiries you may have.

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