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Fine Art Projects

I have been working on collections of considered works for a number of years, sometimes unconsciously so while also working on my degree, I recognised what I had been attempting to do and was able to finesse the expression and came up with the "Darkness to Light" collection. These large scale images (most of which were at A-zero approx) reflected on the mental health of the community, the highs and the lows and represented the lows with models covered in molasses (a dark liquid sugar) this highly reflective substance flowed slowly and sensuously over the model over whom it was liberally poured to create amazingly bright, defined images quite unlike anything else. They were on one reading almost high glamour but simultaneously also disturbingly abject. I was able to present the collection in 2019 at the City Art Space in Northbridge for its premiere and then took the collection to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and then Cambridge in the UK.

My last fine art project was "Otto and Annie" this collection which premiered in 2021 at the Mudita Gallery in Perth, reflected on the always surprising inability of man kind to learn from his mistakes. While researching the painting of Anita Berber (Otto Dix, 1926) I recognised that it was about 100 years since the Spanish flu had visited the world leaving the same impact as COVID was beginning to do. I recognised that the human race remains greedy, selfish, war-hungry and in the power of people hell bent on destruction of much of the good which can be found. I recognised that the world was once again swinging to extremist politics (Trumpism, anyone?) and social division which even at the time of writing (2023) hasn't abated.

Of current interest is "The Village" a collection of cast faces of friends and acquaintances which represents community and connection. As this develops into a more cohesive and solid concept, I'll be creating a webpage to demonstrate the subject and promote it. at the beginning of 2024, there is a collection of approximately 30 casts waiting patiently to be utilised. The Project stems from visiting the Scottish National Museum when I was in Edinburgh in 2019. While there I saw the cast of William Wallace (Braveheart, if that helps picture the face) and recognised that we all know who that is. On a communal level that applies true as well and everyone seems to know each other (especially around Perth in WA to the extent that it's almost a joke).


This was a collection of photographs, Cyanotypes, a video installation and an almost abstract piece made with blood whose colour and texture is unique and which will change from the visceral red of the fresh to the dark brown of older, dried blood. Costume and props were also included to round out the collection.

For a great Gallery experience the following link will take you to an external site which features much of my work. This was made possible with the help of Magoo IT here in Perth who put in the long hours to figure out how to get it done (Many thanks guys)

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