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Why is good commercial photography important to your business?

When it comes to the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) and hospitality industry, presentation and visuals are incredibly important. Think about it – who would want to purchase a product or service that doesn’t look appetising or desirable?

This is why good advertising photography becomes very important to your business. If you run an FMCG or hospitality business, your investment in great photography to demonstrate the competence and skills of your business and what you do will make the difference between you and someone else. A professional photographer will be able to make your products look their best, no matter what they are. Professional photographers are highly educated with often a degree and advanced diploma qualifications and have demonstrable experience as well. 

Food advertising photography is a type of photography that is used to sell food (and drink) products. The focus of this type of photography is on the food itself, and not on the people who are eating it. In the context of FMCG, food advertising photography is often used to appeal to and sell products such as packaged goods, fast food, and other consumables as much as prepared dishes waiting to go out to a restaurant guest. 

Portraiture is an aspect of imaging that conveys your brand to the public. It shows YOU as you want the public to see you. A shonky and quickly snapped phone photo just doesn't cut it as it says to the viewer that you don't value your own brand. eNVee Creative will work with you to craft portraiture that conveys your brand, personality and your direction.

Corporate portraiture with eNVee can be done a couple of ways: Our clients can come to the Camillo Studio and be accommodated there or we eNVee can come out to your location to attend to both individuals or groups in a price sensitive way and without disrupting the workplace too much.

Please get in touch via the CONTACT PAGE to book with eNVee or to find out more.

eNVee Creative services offers great photography solutions for your business from its own studio space or by visiting you and with prompt turnaround times and technical assistance to final output it makes sense to entrust your imagery to eNVee.

Get in touch with eNVee Creative to discuss your needs for your next campaign via our contact page and we'll be in touch to answer your questions.

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